A delicious recipe!

We at Pavin Caffè are always looking for new recipes to experiment with our products, so, using the moka blend “ESPRESSO CLASSICO” we have created these sweets, read more!


– 200g of flour 00

– 100g of sugar

– 50 ml of seed oil

– 2 eggs

a cup of Moka coffee

– 80 ml of milk

– 8g of baking powder

– A pinch of salt


In a first bowl put: the eggs, oil, lukewarm milk and coffee. Stir well.

In a second bowl put, instead, all the dry ingredients: sifted flour and baking powder, sugar and a pinch of salt.

Combine the ingredients in a single bowl and mix well until the mixture is homogeneous. Then, fill each muffin form with the coffee dough.

Bake in a hot ventilated oven at 180 °C for 15-20 minutes, but always check the cooking time with a toothpick before removing them from the oven.

Take the coffee muffins out of the oven, let them cool and then enjoy them in good company!