Tiramisù with Pavin Caffè

Savoiardi, Coffee and Mascarpone: and it’s tiramisu immediately.

A classic Italian dessert known and eaten all over the world, but have you ever tried it with Pavin Caffè blends?

We do and we have to tell you, it is really delicious and that is why we want to share the recipe with you! Continue reading.

INGREDIENTS (servings for 8 persons)

– 3 eggs

– 100 gr of sugar

– 500 gr of mascarpone

– 300 gr of savoiardi biscuits

– 250 ml of moka coffee

– Bitter cocoa to taste

Key tip? To obtain a tiramisu with a unique and unmistakable taste, you must choose a special coffee blend, we at Pavin Caffè suggest a 100% Arabica blend: Supremo Oriente, a blend with a gentle and harmonious character but with a fundamental note of body.


First prepare the coffee immediately and let it cool.

Continue with the preparation of the mascarpone cream; separate the egg-whites from the yolks and combine the latter in a bowl with the sugar until light and fluffy. Add the mascarpone (at environment temperature) and mix everything together.

In another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff and then add them to the previous mixture, very gently stirring from the bottom upwards.

Let’s assemble our cake! We decided to create single portions directly in a glass, but you can also use an baking dish.

In any case, create a layer of mascarpone in the bottom of an oven dish or glass and place the savoiardi, previously quickly dipped in bitter coffee, on top. Alternate these two layers and finally dust everything with a layer of bitter cocoa.

Let the cake rest in the fridge for a few hours and it will be perfect!