Green coffee beans


Since 1950, Pavin Caffè has always paid high attention to the selection of raw coffee beans, aware that this is the starting point to obtain unique and unmistakable blends. In order to produce high quality coffee, the selection process is constantly monitored through sensory analysis. Initially a raw coffee sample is required, with all identification data. Following a first visual inspection, the shape, the size of the beans and their color are observed. The sample is roasted by a specialist in a small roasting machine. As soon as ready, a tasting procedure of each sample is performed. The process is documented through the compilation of qualitative assessment sheets. Tests and samples are stored for future consultation. Periodically, in-house analysis of coffee samples are sent to a certified external laboratory. Such analysis allow the company have a complete evaluation of each sample of coffee.

Espresso methods


Espresso is obtained through the percolation of high pressurized water, at a temperature between 90° and 94°. Water passes through a filter filled approximately with 7,5 grams of grounded coffee.

Time of extraction goes from 15 to 35 seconds and the result is a beverage of 20/30 ml.
The beverage has a dense cream with shades of hazel color, with velvet taste and with a pleasant intensity.


The filter coffee is the result of the extraction of water at a temperature of about 92 ° C through a filter. The quantity of ground coffee is of about 60 grams per liter of water, and the extraction time slightly varies according to the tools used. The drink is especially appreciated for its fresh and fruity aromas.


The cold coffee is obtained by extraction of cold water through a filter. The quantity of ground coffee is about 80 grams per liter of water, and the extraction time is about 10-12 hours. The result is a drink with fresh and fine acidity and with extremely pleasing citrus notes.


Nitro coffee is obtain adding nitrogen to cold brewed coffee.