Green Coffee Beans

In order to obtain unique and unmistakable blends, since 1950 we have paid close attention to the selection of raw coffee beans. We control the entire selection process through a deep sensorial analysis that begins with the evaluation of the raw coffee beans, their shape, size, color and smell. Each sample is roasted in a small roasting machine, and, when ready, a tasting procedure is performed.

The entire process is recorded on detailed quality assessment sheets and stored for future reference. Moreover, the coffee samples are periodically sent to a certified laboratory.


Roasted Coffee

Innovation and technology must be supported with tradition. We have chosen a semi-artisan roasting method that guarantees a double control: one made by the machine’s software and one by the roaster specialist who, thanks to his experience, constantly oversees the entire roasting process.

We constantly take roasted coffee samples to perform scrupulous tests that must assess the excellent quality of the products before they are sent to the market.

The coffee roasting procedure is chosen to guarantee its highest freshness. The coffee for the foreign distributors is specifically produced for them in accordance with their orders. The production for the Italian market is organized to minimize the levels of inventory.

We carefully control the roasted coffee inventory levels and the related transportation procedures to ensure the product can reach the customer as fresh as possible.



Numerous small companies specializing in roasting micro-lots of coffee have emerged in recent years.
They generally pay close attention to the selection and roasting of coffee and are commonly identified as “micro-roasters”.

These operating procedures have been part of our DNA for more than seventy years. Today, in addition to our roasting machine that we use to produce our top quality blends, we use, as in the past, small roasting machines for batches of 10 kg or less. Selecting small lots, strictly from controlled and very qualified suppliers, to produce unique and special blends is always a priority.