Coffee with the French Press

Prepariamo insieme un Caffè con la French Press

Let’s prepare a coffee together with the French Press

The French Press is a coffee maker certainly not very common in Italy; what characterizes it is the piston system: in this article we will discover together how to prepare a perfect coffee with the French Press. I recommend, mark all the advice!


French Press: a bit of History

The French Press was invented in the mid-800 in France but is currently used a lot as a method of extraction of coffee throughout Northern Europe. This coffee maker is called with several names, including: melior, cafetière à piston or pliger coffee.

The technical filtering system was invented in France even if, proud of the Italian genius, we can say that the modern version was patented in 1929 by Attilio Calimani.

Today it is probably the most underestimated extraction method for coffee preparation, in fact it is very practical and economical.


How do you prepare a great coffee with the French Press?

It is a so-called infusion coffee machine: water and coffee are left to rest together and this helps to produce a more uniform extraction.

Preparing a coffee with this coffee maker is really simple:

  • Roughly grind the coffee powder
  • Pour the coffee powder into the coffee pot (75 grams per liter of water)
  • Fill with hot water (about 95 ºF) and pour in a circular way to avoid burning the coffee powder and insert the lid
  • wait a few minutes and then proceed by pressing the piston very slowly pushing the coffee down by filtering the water now flavored

An extraction of this kind is considered soft and sweet, the product obtained is a long coffee to drink in a large cup.


A tip on the perfect blend

The French Press is easy to use at home, but make sure to properly grind the powder, which must be slightly coarser than the moka.

In general, to create an aromatic and balanced coffee, it is recommended a 100% Arabica blend, and we at Pavin, suggest our historical blend: ECCELSO, a mild roast that will release a balanced sweetness in your coffee!

Good tasting!