Filter Coffee, do you know it?

We Italians are proud of our espresso coffee, a symbol of our culture. Filter coffee, however, is currently the most popular method of extraction in the world today.

Filter Coffee is a type of coffee extraction by percolation, very slowly, of hot water through ground coffee placed on a special paper filter.

This method results in a very aromatic cup of coffee with completely different characteristics to espresso coffee, which is why the two absolutely must not be compared when you taste them.

For filter coffee, the quality of the coffee blend to be used is crucial. It is preferable to use a 100% Arabica blend that has been lightly roasted and coarsely ground, such as, for example, our “ECCELSO” blend, which will give sweetness and homogeneity to the coffee.

And how do you prepare filter coffee?

The pour over extraction method uses hot water, coffee powder, a paper filter and a tool called ‘Chemex‘ (see photo). Generally, 60g of coffee is coarsely ground for one litre of water.

A very valuable tip is to wet the paper filter when inserting it into the Chemex to eliminate the taste of the material. Once the coffee has been placed in the cone, half of the hot water must be poured slowly in a circular movement, stopping for about 30 seconds to avoid small air bubbles forming on the surface.

Then pour in the rest of the liquid, covering all the coffee powder.

The extraction should finish in 2/3 minutes.

Now enjoy a delicious cup of filter coffee!