There are many different methods to prepare a coffee, do you know them all? Maybe not, but we at Pavin Caffè are here for this too!

Let’s start with a coffee maker that is now present in all Italian homes: the MOKA. You could write an entire book on our loved Moka, a product that is entirely “Made in Italy”.

The patent for the Moka belongs to Mr. Alfonso Bialetti, who invented it in 1933. The main characteristic of this coffee maker is represented by the filter, which has many holes with a diameter ranging from 0.2 to 0.8 mm. These holes allow for a unique and perfect extraction.

The main problem encountered when using this coffee maker is that the water reaches such high temperatures that it starts the extraction of very bitter substances. In order to obtain a balanced and quality coffee, we at Pavin Caffè recommend the use of a medium-light roast blend of coffee, such as our GRANI D’ORIENTE, a 100% Arabica blend with a unique taste.

We want to suggest you some secrets to be implemented during the preparation of this coffee in order to avoid the characteristic bitter sensation.

First of all, if you have the possibility, grind the coffee at the moment, in any case a coarse grinding is preferable. Use lukewarm water, even better if it is hot (low mineral content) thus the Moka will stay on the stove for a shorter time. 

Fill the boiler with boiling water up to the safety valve, do not cover it, fill the filter evenly with ground coffee without pressing the mixture, we recommend it! Screw the top of the Moka and place it on the fire (medium-low) leaving the lid raised.

After a while the coffee will begin to spurt out, when you hear the characteristic gurgling it will be time to turn off the fire. At the end, put the boiler under cold water in order to condense the steam and stop its pressure. 

Pour the coffee into a beautiful cup and enjoy it!